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Consulting company Quality Garanteed

The consulting company Quality Garanteed is a team of specialists in finance, business planning and business valuation. Our strength lies in the professional knowledge of each person, which allows a comprehensive approach to the problems of our customers. Each area of our activities complements each other.
Our advantage is long-term experience of analysis of various real enterprises in Ukraine. During the work our experts have visited more than 100 plants, factories, shops and various businesses. Our department of business planning has processed 120 business plans for the various spheres for a year.
We are confident that the business is practice. Therefore, we solve the problems of our customers in a “turn-key” way. We also offer you to realize your idea: to develop a business plan, to conceptualize and to implement everything in a working business.

Business planning

  • development of the project ideas and concepts
  • market analysis
  • calculation of the primary investment
  • organizational and production plan
  • calculation of the return of investment and project performance
  • study of various business scenarios

Every business is unique. We help to structure your thoughts, to add the financial components and to place everything into a single functioning model.

Expert monetary valuation

  • business valuation
  • valuation of patents and inventions
  • valuation of trademark or brand
  • valuation of movable and immovable property
  • valuation of shares and securities
  • valuation of intellectual property and intangible assets

For business or project management we offer you a monetary valuation of property and property rights. Our company has a valuation certificate of Ukrainian State Property Fund.

Investment consulting

  • search of the investor
  • search of the investment projects
  • analysis of the investment project, testing of the ideas
  • development and presentation of the project / idea
  • law services
  • financial analysis

The company Якість гарантовано works for the creation of new economy of Ukraine. We actively work with investors of various levels, attend the events related to investments and projects.

Business organization

  • analysis of the competitors
  • search of the premises and equipment
  • staff recruitment
  • law services
  • design of the logo and corporate identity
  • design of the website, printed production

We are ready to offer you consultations on the creation of the business and the full administration of the initial stage of the business organization.



Качественный анализ конкурентов. На что обращать внимание?

Делимся своими секретами работы. В разделе бизнес-плана, при проверке идеи инвестирования, или при организации бизнеса, мы всегда делаем детальный анализ конкурентов, как на отечественном рынке товаров / услуг так и зарубежном. Так…


21 July 2016

Бирже инвестиционных проектов Best.in.ua 1 год! Какие проекты в этом году самые-самые?

В августе 2016 года исполняется год запуска биржи инвестиционных проектов Best.in.ua. Цель биржи – развитие инвестиционного климата в Украине, именно поэтому биржа бесплатная для всех категорий пользователей, а также контакты инициаторов открыты…


21 July 2016