Assessment of movable and immovable property

The company Якість гарантовано carries out its activity in property valuation throughout all the territory of Ukraine and has a certificate issued by the State Property Fund of Ukraine.
Our specialists assess property in such categories:

Property valuation. This category includes everything that relates to permanent improvements to the land, namely:

  • construction of any purpose: residential and private houses, apartment buildings, commercial property (offices and shops), industrial property (industrial premises, warehouses);
  • roads and pavements;
  • transmission devices and network.

Valuation of cars and wheeled vehicles.The evaluators of our companies have great experience in the valuation of any means of transport, as well as specialized equipment.

Valuation of machinery and equipment.This is rather broad category of property, uniting the equipment which is diverse in purpose, type and characteristics, production lines and robotic systems. Therefore, fot the valuation it is necessary to have specialized knowledge and skills.

All of these types of the valuation are carried out when:

  1. carrying out any operations with the property;
  2. property insurance;
  3. mortgage of the property;
  4. for accounting purposes (entering on the balance sheet);
  5. determining the amount of rent;
  6. determining the amount of material damage;
  7. determining the amount of franchise fees;
  8. investment attraction;
  9. creation and reorganization of enterprises;
  10. bankruptcy and liquidation of enterprises.