Valuation of property and property rights

For business or project management we offer you a monetary valuation of property and property rights. The company Якість гарантовано has a certificate of Ukrainian State Property Fund on the specializations of the property, business, securities, trademarks, intangible assets and intellectual property valuation.

Valuation of intellectual property and intangible assets

Nowadays the valuation of the rights to intellectual property is a very modern task, as there is an active development of engineering, technology, and other industries that use new developments and discoveries.

  • valuation of software, databases,
  • valuation of the copyright
  • valuation of property rights to the use of natural resources

Valuation of shares and securities

The monetary valuation of the securities to determine their market value can be carried out for these types:

  • share (equity) securities: common and preferred shares;
  • debt securities: bonds and notes;
  • derivative securities: investment certificates, options, futures.

Valuation of movable and immovable property

Property valuation should be carried out according all its features. Our experience allows us to assess the valuation of any complexity:

  • Property valuation;
  • Valuation of transport and machinery;
  • Valuation of equipment.

Valuation of trademark or brand

The valuation of the trademark is important for the sale of the company or its part. For example, during the valuation of the popular trademarks and brands there are cases when the cost of these trade names is much higher than all the material assets of the company.

  • Valuation of trademark
  • Valuation of goodwill
  • Valuation of goods or services symbols

Valuation of patents and inventions

The valuation of a patent usually refers not to the document itself but to the intellectual property rights which this patent protects.

  • Valuation of inventions
  • Valuation of utility models
  • Valuation of design inventions

Business valuation

Valuation of the company will help the company’s directors to decide on the management of the company, improve work efficiency.

  • Valuation of holistic property complex
  • Valuation of corporate rights
  • Business valuation