Бизнес-план кофейни_coffe_house

The business plan of the coffee house was developed

Analysts of the company Quality Guaranteed developed a business plan for a coffee house in one of the central districts of the city. The initiator of the business plan appealed to us for the most reliable results, as he plans to invest his own money. Therefore, to develop a business plan for the coffee house, we approached with all responsibility, criticality and took into account every detail.

To develop the business plan, various marketing research, as well as field visits and competitor analysis, were conducted. The purposes of marketing research of the quarter, in which the opening of the coffee house is planned, are:

  • analysis of existing establishments in this microdistrict;
  • Identification of the main competitors for the planned coffee house;
  • Analyze the target audience of such establishments and create an image of the “client”;
  • the analysis of the prices for drinks and desserts of establishments-competitors;
  • analysis of the assortment of products in the coffee shops of the investigated quarter;
  • analysis of the attendance of such institutions;
  • Analysis of the planned location of the coffee house: the convenience of finding a coffee house, the visibility of a signboard from the road,

The initiator of the project plans to open a coffee shop in one of the central districts of Kiev. The area of  the planned coffee house is 70 sq.m. The assortment assumes various coffee drinks and desserts. Prices will be at an average level, and the average check will be about 80 UAH. (drink + dessert).

The interior of the coffee house will be in a modern style, designed for a young audience that comes not only to chat in a cafe, but also spend a couple of hours at work or negotiations. For the opening of the coffee house is planned to pick up a room with large facade windows, as well as make a sign with prices and assortment.

For the staff in the business plan, a special form has been taken into account, which will be developed in conjunction with the overall design decision of the interior. Coffee will be purchased in good quality, several types to attract regular customers. And desserts will be produced in-house.

In cooperation with a barista and a cook-pastry cooker, a menu and prices for coffee shops have been developed. Prices were calculated based on the profitability of the drink and coffee shop, and also taking into account the average check in the coffee shops of the microdistrict.

The basis for calculating the business plan of the coffee house was information that was formed from marketing research conducted, also received advice from market experts. The base for calculating cash-flo coffee houses are:

  1. The number of seats that can comfortably accommodate in the hall of the coffee shop;
  2. Calculation of attendance institution;
  3. Calculation of the average visit time by 1 client;
  4. The cost of repairing the room;
  5. Prices and a list of necessary equipment and equipment;
  6. Calculation of the average check.

As a result, the business plan of the coffee house in the center of Kiev was worked out in detail. As a result, we compiled and compiled:

  • The analysis of the market and the analysis of competitors. The conclusions are drawn and the SWOT-analysis is made;
  • Marketing plan of the project. A forecasted plan for visiting the coffee house was made, which takes into account seasonality;
  • Organizational plan of the project. First priorities have been identified. A plan for hiring employees, their qualifications and job descriptions has been drawn up. The labor costs are calculated;
  • The investment plan and the financial plan of the project are calculated. Formed a list of initial investment, which includes: renting a room, the cost of repairs, buying furniture and equipment, buying coffee, as well as the costs of marketing and advertising and working capital for the coffee shop until it reaches the break-even point. Data on income and losses of the project are given;
  • The analysis of the effectiveness of the project was able to clearly demonstrate the return on investment and the profitability of these investments;
  • The risks and ways of their minimization are described.

The business plan of the investment project was prepared in accordance with the UNIDO standards, but took into account the deeper analysis of the market.

Adhering to the rules of confidentiality, we can not disclose details of this business plan, as well as conclusions on the results of calculations. But, this information had a significant impact on the decision-making by the investor to open a coffee house.