busines plan otela v odesse

The business plan of the hotel complex was developed

Specialists of the company Quality Guaranteed together with leading suppliers of equipment and technologies in the field of hotel business and tourism, developed an investment project for the modernization and development of the tourist and hotel complex in the Odessa region.

The initiator of the project plans to invest investment resources in the modernization of the existing hotel complex, completion of new buildings, as well as in improving the infrastructure of services. The project includes the following activities:

  1. Delivery of rooms in the hotel;
  2. Restaurant business, a bar and a small coffee shop with a pastry shop;
  3. Area for children: playground, trampolines;
  4. Spa area;
  5. The zone of basins;
  6. Training hall;
  7. Conducting various master classes;
  8. Rent: bicycles, various sports and game equipment.

It is also planned to conduct quests, spa tours, yoga classes on the territory of the hotel complex.

In addition to the gym, it is planned to build playgrounds for tennis, volleyball.

In the course of our work, our experts worked out several concepts for the development of the project. A detailed analysis of the market of hotel and tourist complexes was carried out. After the analysis of the market, it was possible to determine the class of the hotel and the level of necessary service. The analysis of competitors helped to deduce the average check for room rent, food in the restaurant, as well as for various services of the complex.

The analysis of the market showed that the segment of quality rest for the whole family is now in a state of development. It was also found out that the chosen client audience prefers conceptual hotels and restaurants.

In this regard, together with marketers, several concepts of the hotel complex were proposed, which allow to realize the main task of the initiator of the project – attracting customers all year round.

As a result of the work, the business plan of the Hotel Complex was elaborated in detail. As a result, we compiled and compiled:

  • Market analysis and competitor analysis. The conclusions are drawn and the SWOT-analysis is made;
  • The marketing plan of the project, which includes the price policy of the hotel, the plan of attracting customers, the marketing strategy of the hotel was chosen. An advertising campaign was calculated. A forecasted sales plan has been made, which takes into account seasonality.
  • Organizational plan of the project. The period of delivery of each component is taken into account. First priorities have been identified. A plan for hiring employees, their qualifications and job descriptions has been drawn up. The labor costs are calculated.
  • The investment plan and the financial plan of the project have been calculated. Data on income and losses of the project are given.
  • The analysis of the project’s efficiency was able to clearly demonstrate the return on investment and the profitability of these investments.
  • The risks and ways of their minimization under the project are described.

The business plan for the investment project was prepared in accordance with UNIDO standards, but took into account more in-depth analysis and data mining.