Week businessman. Choosing courses, trainings and workshops, which will be held this week November 14-20 2016

  • November 14, 2016

What: Organizing a cruise vacation

Start time: 19:00

About the event: 14 November to visit Chasopys Eduspace traveler Natalia Dubrov to share their experience of organizing a cruise vacation and talk about its benefits.

The master class, you will learn:

the difference between a cruise on the ground of rest;

how to organize your own cruise vacation;

Information about discounts, special offers and promotions cruise companies;

How to choose a cruise: cruise line, the route, the ship;

possible to go on a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea for 185 euros, and how to do it;

where to buy cruise tour;

a cruise companies loyalty programs.

Cost of participation: 200 UAH

location: Big Vasylkivska, 30.

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What: Training on «Management consulting bіznesom»

Start time: 09: 00-18: 00; 14/11/2016 – 16/11/2016.

About the event: This is – a three-day interactive course that will help you to integrate all aspects of the consulting business, to develop a comprehensive model of management of your consulting business and to implement it in life. You will receive effective tools to address management challenges specific to the consulting business, build up vision systems management consulting practice. The training will help you to formulate long-term plans for development of your business. Along the way, you will get a good opportunity to exchange experiences and approaches to solve management situations with fellow consultants.

location: Kyiv School of Economics Dmitrіvska 92-94, Kiev, 01135


What: «Kaizen – the secret of leadership in Ukraine»

Start time: 09: 30-16: 30; 14/11/2016 – 16/11/2016.

Third All-Ukrainian Conference Kaizen «Kaizen – the secret of leadership in Ukraine» – a platform where you can learn: particularly the application of Japanese management practices in Ukrainian companies. Why do some companies have successfully implemented Kaizen tools, while others quickly go from this way? Where to look for opportunities for improvement, and that first of all you need to do in order to instill this philosophy in the company?

location: PRESIDENT HOTEL, Kiev, Ukraine Hospital, 12, Kiev, 01023.

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  • November 15, 2016

What: Training Selection of Personnel

Time: 10: 00-16: 45

About the event: The procedure for selection of staff and the various techniques of the interview. Algorithm closing job.

Cost of participation: 1520 grn

location: Str. Velika Vasylkivska, 2, of. 12. The building is opposite the Bessarabian Market. Nearest metro station “Plosha Lva Tolstogo”, “Khreshchatyk”.

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What: Training Customer Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Time: 19:00


– To study the principles and possible approaches to customer segmentation

– Understand what the positioning and why is it necessary product

– Learn how to choose the factors for positioning products

– Learn what the maps of perception and how to use them.

Cost of participation: 549 grn

Location: st. Wanda Wasilewska, 7.

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What: The skill of negotiation

Time: 11:00

About the Event: Discussion initiatives deofshorizatsii Ukrainian businesses and their relation with the plan of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to counteract erosion of the tax base and output gains from taxation (BEPS).

The training program “The Art of negotiations”

Model “12 negotiator performance evaluation parameters” would allow you to assess how harmoniously you have developed all the skills necessary to negotiate, or have weak areas that need to be developed.

“Gathering information” model will allow a better view of the moments in the negotiations, when you need to ask clarifying questions and reveal the hidden information. This will avoid costly mistakes associated with misunderstanding negotiating partner.

Model “Negotiations for the price” will give you a set of strategies that you can use to ask for price concessions and to defend or justify the price.

Model “constructive talks” ( “Harvard method”) will make it easier to translate the conflict situation in a constructive direction and quickly find a reasonable agreement acceptable to both parties (win-win solution).

Model “manipulative talks” will introduce the techniques used during the negotiations (about 25 receptions for attack, defense, positional struggle). We will analyze how to defend against them and how we can most accurately use these methods to achieve their goals.

Cost of participation: 3000 grn.

Location: st. Starokievskaya 10G, BC Vector.

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  • November 16, 2016

What: Creativity and the creation of effective communication

Time: 9:00

The training program:

– Creative brief;

– The development of communication and work with insight;

– Review of audiences;

– DIGITAL activation of different instruments;

– The basis of content production;

– A big idea or the socialization of the brand;

Cost of participation: 1299grn

Location: st. Wanda Wasilewska, 7.

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What: Optimizing business processes and improvement in the style of Kaizen

Time: 9:00

The objectives of the coaching program:

– Mastering the techniques Kaizen-break (the elimination of actual production problems with the elimination of its causes in a short time) and obtain the skills of self-Kaizen-break;

– Learn to use powerful diagnostic tools – Value Stream Maps;

– Hours skills increase productivity, reduce costs, manage processes, continuous improvement and quality assurance without additional investments;

– Get a clear algorithm of actions to implement in practice, to develop self-motivation skills, find opportunities to solve problems and implement improvements in corporate activity, team interaction and increase the responsibility for achieving personal and team results;

– Preparation of a significant economic effect on the results correct the problem.

Cost of participation: 7820 grn.

Location: st. Saksaganskogo 53/80, of. 402, 4th floor (m “University”).

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  • November 17, 2016

What: The Battle “Intellectuals”

Time: 17:00


The first part of the event will be dedicated to the performance of experienced entrepreneurs and business people who work in the field of Blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, Chatbots. They will share their knowledge and experience with young colleagues, tell the audience about the latest news and trends in their business sectors, to answer all questions and give valuable advice.

During the second stage of the presentation events by entrepreneurs their business ideas to take place. 6 minutes will be given for the presentation of the project: the first three minutes for the step, and the other 3 are for questions of experts.

Location: Verhniy Vak, 10

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What: SaaS Nation

Time: 9:00

About the event: SaaS Nation – this is the first conference for the representatives of SaaS-business, bringing together the founders of SaaS-food companies, C-level executives, senior managers (VP of Sales, VP of Marketing, VP of Product, etc). SaaS Nation will become a platform for singles, the exchange of ideas, experience and knowledge between people who build the product companies.

Cost of participation: 3200 grn

Location: Ukraine, Kiev, Donska str. 4A.

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What: Matt Crabtree “Change Management”

Time: 9:30

About the Event: This workshop will provide you with the process, which consists of six steps, by which your team will be thinking about the future of the company, while remaining focused on the daily tasks.

Cost of participation: STANDART 4950grn; BUSINESS 7150grn; VIP 11550grn.

Location: Stolichne shose, 103.

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What: Conference “Day of content marketing”

Time: 09: 00-18: 00

About the event: The main purpose of the event – the exchange of experience, demonstration of successful tactics, coverage of new trends, practical experience, ready-made guide to action.

Location: Premier Hotel Rus, street Hospitalna, 4, Kyiv, 01601

What: The seventh Ukrainian Investment Forum

Time: 09:00-21:00

About the event: CFA Society Ukraine is pleased to announce the seventh Ukrainian Investment Forum. It provides vibrant network and discussion platform for the top managers of the largest Ukrainian companies, commercial and investment bankers, investment fund managers, policy makers and regulators, international financial institutions and leading business media, to discuss the latest developments in the financial markets, as well as a broad picture of the macro issues and the country’s prospects.

Location: Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv 1 Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska Street, Kiev, 04070

What: International Conference «Pulses: Focusing On Maximum Efficiency

Time: 08: 30-18: 00

About the event: The conference will be an effective discussion forum, which will bring together Government, Farmers and Trade Company, the elite of the Agrarian Science and representatives of international FAO of the UN organizations, the World Confederation Bean (GPC), the EBRD, the leading domestic and foreign breeding institutions, experts from Canada, Israel, India and Pakistan, a common, single purpose – Ukraine bean.

The event is supported by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Cost of participation: If paid before November 1, 2016 6000 UAH. 300 USD *

If you pay after November 1, 2016 7500 UAH. 360 USD *

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv 22 Yaroslaviv Val Street, Kyiv, 01054

What: Event Management and Event Marketing. Practical magic

Time: 19:00-21:00

About the event: Event Management and Event Marketing. Practical magic. The perfect brief for their own actions. The main processes and a global algorithm of any Event. Practical recommendations on the analysis of the organized activities.

Cost of participation: 300UAH.

Location: Happiness HUB Pankivska, 14, Kiev, 01032

  • November 18, 2016

What: Boost Your Skills PRO. The course “for the Excel BIZNES-demand”

Time: 19:00 18/11/2016 – 12/02/2016.

About the event: Modern working conditions constantly demanding from us more speed, nonstandard solutions and process increasing amounts of data, even if you’re not from the area BigData. MS Excel powerful functionality that can simplify our daily work and provide us with a competitive advantage, at the surface and very easy to use. We offer you to learn how to use Excel in your everyday work quickly and in full force. Our experts will share with you the experience that gained over many years working in the field of accounting, auditing and analytics.

Cost of participation: 400 UAH.

Location: Chasopys Eduspace, vul. Great Vasilkіvska, 30, on top of the 3 (code 240)

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What: HR Strategy

Time: 09: 30-19: 00

About the event: Informal Education, where speakers will present 10 top successful practices of non-formal education, with concrete results in business organizations.

Cost of participation: 1 person is:

2000,00 USD. – In the case of payment before October 1, 2016

2500,00 USD. -in the case of payment before November 1, 2016

3000,00 USD. – In the case of payment by November 17, 2016

3500.00 UAH. – Payment on the day of the conference, or payment on a deferred payment

Current prices:

In case of participation of 2 or more people will receive a discount of 5%

For customers Vichea CONSULTING loyalty program. For more information about the loyalty program

Location: IQ Business Center 13-15 Bolsunovska St., Kyiv, 01014

  • November 19, 2016

What: Program Coaching Program “ІSO 9001: 2015. The work of the Representative System Quality Manual”

About the event: Systematic Representative Quality Guidelines.

The purpose of the coaching program:

Organize and develop professional competence in the field of quality and standardization, conducting internal audits of the QMS;

Increased knowledge and skills of the company’s system, performance evaluation of business processes and the company’s compliance with the requirements of the MS level ІSO 9001;

Consideration of the practical steps of the process approach in management, documentation, solutions to production problems, interaction with the staff and the Owner’s Manual, training and certification to the UK supervisory audit;

Study on real situations of internal processes SC audit paperwork internal audit solutions to production problems, interaction with staff and management, and more.

The cost of participation: 4380 UAH.

Location: st. Saksaganskogo 53/80, of. 402

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  • November 20, 2016

What: Training on “Developing a strategic marketing plan”

About the event: The development of a strategic marketing plan.

Training objective: to increase marketing efficiency through the development and implementation of planning and implementation of marketing activities.

Cost of participation: 3300 grn.

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