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Week businessman.Choosing courses, trainings and workshops, which will be held this week November 1-8 2016

November 1, 2016
What: Business city Brand
Time: 17:00 – 22:00
About the event:
Business magazine “Community” in partnership with the private Business Club Community club and Inveria flow space are invited to a strategic session, during which you will learn in practice about the basic tools of construction of the territorial aspect of the brand in a close dialogue between business and government.
Cost of participation:
1 person – 600 UAH;
2 people – 1000 UAH;
3 people – 1400 UAH.
Venue: INVERIA Flow Space (Kyiv, Vladimirskaya street, 49A)
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What: VIII International investment forum “Energy efficiency and renewable energy”
Time: 10: 00 – 16:30
From 1 to 2 November 2016 Mr .. Kiev NSK “Olympic” Gosenergoeffektivnosti conducts specialized large-scale public event – VIII International investment forum “Energy efficiency and renewable energy.”
For the first time for potential investors, participants and guests of the Forum will act Investment HUB – a platform for the presentation of the investment potential of Ukraine and ready investment project “green” energy.
Participation in the Forum free
Venue: Kiev, Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str., 55, NSK “Olympiskiy”
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What: Business Workshop “Startup in a million”
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
You want to create your own business? The workshop, 4 weeks you will pass all the way, “from scratch” to running a business, from idea – to finished product, customer and sales confirmed. You are waiting for steep 16 speakers, 40 hours of intensive work and dozens of cases of successful SEO projects!
The workshop will be held from 1 to 27 November.
Participation fee – 12 900 UAH.
Venue: Kiev, m University / Vokzalnaya Str. Zhilyanskaya 128/28, Computer Academy “Shag”
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What: round table “Strengthening of the investment process in Ukraine”
Time: 09:00 – 16:00
We invite you to take part in the round table “Strengthening of the investment process in Ukraine”, which will be held on November 1 at the conference hall of the Kyiv National Economic University.
Organizers: investment holding Pro Capital Group and chair of the investment activity of financial and economic faculty KNEU.
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November 2, 2016
What: Lecture. “Slides: everything you need to know about creating presentations in a lecture”
Time: 19-00
Lecture for those who understand the importance of the skills available and beautifully present your idea (product, company) and ready to learn to do it. Lectures are held co-founder and creative director of the design company.
Who will be interested in:
Representatives of the middle and top management in large organizations, which often have to make presentations at meetings and conferences, as well as to issue reports.
Sales Manager, Business Development, Marketing, PR, constantly preparing commercial partnerships, sponsorship proposals, presentation of the company and individual products.
Owners of small and medium-sized businesses that are engaged in the preparation of presentations without the involvement of designers and marketers.
Teachers, coaches, for which the presentation are the textbook and it is important that the information in them was described as simply and clearly.
The cost of 300 USD.
Venue: Kiev, Sportivnaya plosha, 1.
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What: Marketing Cafe
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
MIM invites marketers to the next meeting in marketing cafes. This time the offer to debate on the topic “brand contact points. Knick-knacks, sell or kill your business ”
Listen to how others do it, and tell us how you do it.
Participation is free event.
Venue: Kiev, str. Shulyavska, 10/12 B (Polytechnic Institute)
Full details here:

What: How to turn an idea into a real business with a minimum budget
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
Maybe start your own business with a minimum budget and become a full-fledged player in the market, without having to spend considerable resources on professional legal and accounting services?
Workshop with Natalia Mospan is designed to help everyone easily and safely move to the world of entrepreneurship.
Speaker – Natalia Mospan. Lawyer. Accountant. The founder of the store-cafes and Internet shop My bookshelf. 13 years of legal practice in the field of registration and maintenance of business, 8 years experience in accounting.
An entrepreneur who professionally caters own business.
The participation fee for the advance payment of 300 UAH, on the day of the event 350 UAH. The price includes coffee break and methodical material.
Registration and payment link

November 3, 2016
What: Legal Startup Crash Test # 1
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
LEGAL Startup Crash Test is an informal event for projects related to the founders of the law or justice, entrepreneurs, representatives of the legal sector and investors. It is a platform for the development and support of innovation in the law.
Cost – 70 hryvnia, payment at the entrance to the magazine.
Register link required.
What: Workshop «Facebook for handmade»
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
The master class will have no theory that can be easily found to Google! Only the personal experience of the speaker. Just what was tested and yielded results.
– Sells Facebook today and it
– The target audience. Who is found and who is your client on Facebook
– How to start. What to create: a notebook, a card or a group?
– For the beauty business – beautiful cover
– What to write. When and how much
– Actively laykayut and sheryat – viral content
– Where to get the fans
– When it will have to buy
Organizing the collection of 150 UAH. Register for the event on the link
Registration link:

How to create a startup, to find a business model for a new or existing business, to receive investments to grow its customer in times of crisis. What will get:
– New opportunities and development of business in turbulent times
– How to take new clients and to find new sources of revenue
– On the dangers of planning, divorced from reality, and what to do in the real world
– What is viagra test
– Only the best practices from the experts and from 4 workshop professional with a worldwide reputation.
Cost 6500grn standard; VIP 8000grn; Premium 30000grn; Participation in the workshops (1) 4000grn; Participation in workshops (All) 10000
Location: Kiev, Heroev Stalingrada, 10A.
Full details here:

What: Procurement HUB II
Hub One invites you to become part of the key events in the industry, guaranteed to raise the level of professionalism of specialists of procurement field.
The purpose of the forum:
– Gain knowledge about the experience of direct costs in the management of advanced companies in the world;
– Get information on the innovative sector procurement processes in Ukraine and the world;
– Rate progressive innovation procurement management;
– Get ready to use IT tools and advanced quality management systems consulting;
– Take part in discussions on strategy selection of suppliers;
– Get information on the development of public procurement, and their impact on the development of the sector procurement in general;
– Raise the level of knowledge in all areas of procurement processes.
Mistseprovennya: str. Kyoto, 19, Kiev, 02156
Full details here: cost – 3500 UAH. (If registered and paid until October 3)
– 4200 UAH. (When registering after October 3).

What: Training PMD «Financial Management»
course program
Business management
• – business strategy.
• – Business Administration.
• – External business environment (financial, legal, tax)
Financial business performance
• – the internal financial information (financial and management reporting).
• – assessment of financial performance of the company.
• – Prospective analysis of the financial condition of the company.
• – assessment of the company’s growth opportunities.
Business as controlled financial system:
• – Management company expenses.
• – Budget management of the company.
• – Asset and Liability Management.
• – the company’s financing.
Training format:
Friday from 17:30 to 21:30 and Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00, twice a month
Cost: 63600
Full details here:

5 November 2016
What: the League of Social Projects
Start: 13:00
Open event where 10 participants from different regions of Ukraine will present its own social projects – local or nationwide scale. Task audience at the end of all the presentations to vote for the best project.
For spectators THIS:
– Links and new acquaintances with potential sponsors, benefactors, businessmen and public figures.
– The ability to feel in the role of judges / experts, which will depend on the project will receive 50 000 hryvnia compensation for the implementation.
Login – 150 UAH.
Page “League” in Facebook –

November 5, 2016
What: Workshop “How to promote your website in the top 3 Google and Yandex”
Time: 10:00 – 17:30
Step by step procedure. Only real-life examples and case studies
Venue: Kiev, BC “Incom”, str. Smolenska 31/33
Full details here:

November 6, 2016
What: Workshop on Foodstyle for Instagram
Time: 11:00 – 13:00
Master classes will be useful for future instagrammerov or people who want to successfully develop their business and of public pages Instagram.
We will give answers to the following questions:
• What is fudstilistika in Instagram, and what does it do?
• And how to take a picture of a meal, how to make sure that everyone liked and likes a lot of photos?
• What if you have no tripod, macro lenses and other things, but there is only a great iPhone and want?
• What are the effects of the program and used to improve photo?
• How to promote your brand, best promotion tools to use?
• Participation in competitions and other features to attract audiences
• The technology works with opinion leaders
Location: Kiev, Coffee Bean to Bean
The participation fee of 200 USD, preliminary reserve seats mandatory
To participate please contact by phone: +380509270625

What: Workshop Facebook for boxes: how to promote a new product?
Time: 15:00 – 18:00
Christina Severin – founder of packaged services Unexpectedly pleasant and Bye-bye Gluten, blogger!.
He has more than 1.5 years of experience CMM-Manager.
Vela soc. Network companies such as EatEasy, Beauty Salon «Olga Dikaya», WOSK, Poshstore, Yellow Owl, unexpectedly nice, Bye-bye Gluten !, and also wrote the lyrics for the project’s leading make-up artist of Lancome, psychologists, coaches.
Fudblogerom worked on the media portal
What is a lecture?
– What is important, and what better to forget in FB?
– Why hashtags do not work, and in the evening post more coverage?
– How to “hook” a potential buyer the text?
– Why a giveaway and when paid advertising is not effective?
– How to work with CMM-Manager? (If it is not you)
– Need to work with opinion leaders?
– What to read on to know more about SMM?
Christina to share their personal secrets and life hacking, based on experience with its boxed services, as well as other companies. Tell, what, how and when to write about your service in the FB does not work, and that it is important and necessary. Share life hacking writing posts, and why spend giveaway and pay for advertising. Christina also give tips on working with SMM managers, and if you do have a business page – tell where to start.
If there is time, Christina promises to share the experience with opinion leaders and contractors.
Registration is open on the following link:
Payment on the day of the event: 300 UAH, in advance: 250 UAH.