составление бизнес-плана

Specificity = uniqueness. The second principle of drafting a successful business plan

What do you know about the concrete and how it helps in the writing business – project?

If you look in Wikipedia, you can get a word of explanation Specificity – a philosophical term for meaningful wealth concept that separates and makes the object of study unique from the rest. A specific object – a single object with clearly defined criteria.

Is synonymous with concrete – the clarity, certainty, clarity and precision; reality, materiality, objectivity, certainty.

So, what exactly can help “specificity” for writing a successful business plan?

To increase the specificity, use 2 sets:

  • In describing the project idea. How clearly will be given a description of the project idea, the clearer will be your idea.

Example №1

Idea without application of the principle of specificity:

The idea of the project is to create beauty

Add concreteness:

The idea of the project is to create beauty premium in a prestigious area of the city using elite cosmetics and innovative procedures.

Example №2

Idea without application of the principle of specificity:

The idea of the project is to open jewelry stores

Add concreteness:

The idea of the project is to open jewelry stores with unique art Jewelry and international jewelery brands

In the examples just shows that truly separate the concrete from other stores with unique features. It is clear that more can be done more detailed description of the interior, adding a range of services, description of experience masters brands which operate shops and other details. But note that the first sentence of the idea of the project already contains identification. So you just bring it basic idea of the business plan and focus your opponent. After a description of the project increases curiosity and want to learn more about the project.

The experiments show that the concrete more memorable than something abstract.

If we continue to consider these examples we can see that the concrete adds to the idea of certainty. On the basis of certainty are easier to do the following:

  1. Conduct a review of the competition. It became clear that competition is not all the shops and stores certain categories;
  2. Make a market analysis. Analysis of the market will be more narrow and reduced to the analysis of supply and demand in the market premium interior;
  3. Identify niche project and key trends;
  4. Develop a portrait of the consumer;
  5. Develop a marketing strategy.

If you need to explain the idea of a specific audience of people, but you are not confident in their knowledge, using a specific language, it will greatly facilitate understanding between you.

  • Adding numbers

Use numbers to provide greater specificity in your business plan. This will attract investor attention and show that you really are targeting in this topic.

Replace the word abstract figures.




Energy Saving equipment Equipment that saves up to 30% of heat
An effective marketing strategy The marketing strategy that will bring in 2 times more customers with this same budget
Today in aesthetic medicine services are in high demand According to market analysis, the demand for services in aesthetic medicine increased by 35% compared to last year.
The number of entrepreneurs in Ukraine is less than in Poland Every tenth Pole – businessman and Ukraine in its own right is only 1 of 60

The information presented abstractly perceived as frivolous, does not focus attention on the issue, does not disclose topicality. These phrases easily forgotten and not taken seriously. Consequently, the level of attention that the project will significantly lower.

On the contrary, the information that has already seen the numbers as facts trust to such information above. Such reasoning is easily build new business.

I hope we have convinced you that the specificity and clarity – a key component of a successful business plan. So, avoid abstractions, try to describe your project one or two sentence adding specificity. As shown in the examples: with specificity the goal becomes clear and leads to coordination.